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 Benjamin Alexander Wallace

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Benjamin Wallace


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PostSubject: Benjamin Alexander Wallace   Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:17 pm


Your Name:Jessica

Your Age:13



Character Name:Benjamin Alexander Wallac

Character Age:17




Eye color ( for vampires only!!):..

Special power:...

RP sample: "Welcome to the world of mentally insane tween girls." Benny mumbled to himself. He was walking around the board walk. There were girls walking also. He ignored the girls and continued walking. However,he got rather bored walking around,and around,and around,so he decided he would have some fun.

"OH MY GOD! ITS JUSTIN FREGGIN BIEBER!" He yelled,attracting the attention to a lot of tween girls. He smiled as he watched them running forward. He got mangled by them,and fell on the ground,but he loved the fact that girls loved Justin Bieber enough to run over a guy in front of them. He smiled,and continued to walk around the side of the boardwalk.

Then he saw a girl who he didn't think was running. "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?" he asked yelling. He had no idea why this chic was doing what she was doing. He rolled his eyes,then began to stomp his foot, He was rather bored,and boredom was something from which he would not put.

He started humming along to his favorite song. The sun is up,the sky is blue. I can do whatever I wanna do,because there is nothing in my way.. Reluctantly,the song was from Phineas and Ferb. He was sixteen years old,and he liked Phineas and Ferb. He had no idea what the deal was. He was basically a kid at heart,and his personality showed.

After humming,he was still bored,so he took out a piece of gum from his pocket,and began chewing. His chewing was very loud,and noticeable. There were people from a mile away who could hear him,and he could tell because they stared at him. However,he was the type of person who didn't care about stuff like that. After all that went on,he turned his attention back to the girl,waiting for her reply.

History:Benjamin Wallace was born in a small town in 1993,with his two brothers,and one sister. It was really hard for him,and the rest of his family to be taken care of of course. And Benjamin(Benny) always struggled to get closer with his parents because of his siblings,Alex,Nick and Maggie. They always came first,in Benjamin parent’s life. He was depressed most of the time,and didn’t usually come out of his room. When he did,it was for meals,or for school. He never did it for anything else,because his life was hectic. His siblings teased him,and made fun of him,and tried his best to fit in with his family. However,he couldn’t. Even though he made it pretty well in school, he was at the bottom of the food chain at home,which was better,or he had guessed.

When he got a bit older,his dad died. He remember his dad being the only one he could talk too when he was feeling a bit sad about being the one no one in his family cared about. He would always talk to them. Besides talking,he would also take Benny camping at an island where his ancestors lived. He loved being with his dad,camping or not. It was always nice when he was with him,and when he died,Benny’s world turned upside town,but he got over it,even though he often thought about it after that.

As the years progressed,he continued to be popular at school,but still fail at home. So,he was 14,and had to share a room with his two brothers. That wasn’t too good for when his friends came over. So,he moved out,without his mother’s permission. He didn’t care though. He didn’t need her permission, or anyone else's for that matter.

He began to travel around the world,and see sights,and he learned a lot,and saw a lot. He really enjoyed doing that on his own. He didn’t need anyone else with him. He could travel by himself,and do whatever it was he wanted. He loved it,until the day he stopped in where his ancestors were. It was an island unheard of,by Benny,or anyone else for that matter,where Benny used to camp,with his dad,before he died. However,obviously Benny knew nothing. He forgot about his father,despite thinking about it often as a kid.

So,he went exploring,and eventually got sick. While sitting in a hotel room,he fell down,not purposely but he immediately fell down,and got extremely sick. And,then he phased,and he was 16 years of age. He was now officially a werewolf.

After he phased ,he moved,because he wanted to get a brand new start. He didn’t know where,he just moved from place to place.
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Daylah Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: Benjamin Alexander Wallace   Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:32 am

Approved XD

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Benjamin Alexander Wallace
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