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 Nina Hale/Turner App

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Nina Hale


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PostSubject: Nina Hale/Turner App   Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:45 am


Your Name: Zoe

Your Age: 16

Gender: female


Character Name: Nina Hale/Turner

Character Age: 15

Gender: female

species: human


Eye color ( for vampires only!!): ( red,gold )

Special power: ( for vampires only!)

RP sample: I was out shopping today with Alice. I love going shopping, especially when it was with Alice. It made everything feel more fun. It was cloudy outside, but that didn't spoil our fun. We must have gone into 100 different shops and spent more money on this shopping trip then any of the others we'd been on. I loved it, we'd tryed on so much stuff. But my legs started to ache from all the walking and I was starting to get tired. Can we go home now please? I asked. Of corse Alice agreed and we went back to the car with like 50 different bags. I was glad when she opened the car doors and I dumped myself on the seat straight away. I put the bags on the backseat. She set off driving home and I opened the window so I could feel the wind on my face.

History: Nina has never really fit in anywhere. She spent her early years in a foster home, for her parents died when she was little in a car crash. She never really had a family, she never got adopted or fostered by anyone. She was always the odd one out. She didn't mind it though, she liked having time to herself; some privacy. Though she also wanted to be fostered or adopted by someone; it never happened. So she ran away from the foster home when she was 13, she ran and ran. She was caught and the foster home decided to send her to America, because they couldn't cope with her and thought she'd have a better chance at getting fostered if she moved. She went with no fuss, because to her it was a new start something she'd always wanted. Though she didn't expect to be fostered or adopted anyway. But she didn't care a couple more years and she could leave and go live by herself, get away from everything. When she arrived at the age of 14 she ran away again during the night. She hid in the forest, not wanting to be caught and thats were Alice found her. One thing lead to another and Alice became her adoptive mum and Jasper her adoptive Dad. She got told everything, and was completely shocked at first. She didn't believe them but Alice explained in detail and showed her things and in time she came to believe.
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Nina Hale/Turner App
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