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 Something About The Sunshine

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Melanie Turner


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PostSubject: Something About The Sunshine   Sat Aug 28, 2010 8:03 pm

Wake it too the blue sky
Grab your shades lets go for a ride

With the honeymoon of Bella,and Edward slowly approaching,the Cullens,and Renesmee especially want too do something for them. However,as soon as the date arrives the Volturi arrive at they're door demanding Renesmee.

And,why do you ask this happens? Because of a guy,named Sterling Johnson. He was sitting there,at the Saint Marco's day festival,with his sister Anna Margaret,waiting for the parade. He turned,and Aro saw his shiney blue eyes. When,Aro,and the gang get him... he is seperated from his sister,and the Volturi demand too know why he is there on that perticular date. He tells them,its because of his sister,who is a Twilightfanatic.And,questions are asked,till finally actions are taken. Sterling is bitten,and becomes a member of the Volturi. And,his job is too spy on the Cullens,and he forgets everything about his sister.

Anna Margaret over hears the Volturi,and her plans,and runs too the Cullen's and tells them. So,obviously they take precotions. They move. Wear too? Hollywood,Calafornia,where they have gotten rain every day recentlly. Due too Benjamin of the Egyptian Coven.

So,the Cullens,and Anna Margaret move there too a boarding school called Alaxander Acadamy for the Arts,and they dont develop well. But,they have too stay there too avoid the Volturi.

Will the Cullen Family lives ever be the same? Whatever happens,theres one thing for sure...

Theres Something About the Sunshine

This is a possible plot for an RP what do you guys think?


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Jasper Hale

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PostSubject: Re: Something About The Sunshine   Sat Aug 28, 2010 8:03 pm

its good!
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Something About The Sunshine
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