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 Ashlee Marie Turner/Cullen

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Ashlee Cullen


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PostSubject: Ashlee Marie Turner/Cullen   Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:59 am


Your Name:Day

Your Age:13



Character Name:Ashlee Marie Turner/Cullen

Character Age:12




Eye color ( for vampires only!!):...

Special power:...

RP sample:
Jessica walkd torwards her raggidy old fruit stand. She sat on the side of it,thinking. She was thinking about how much she wished she had a family. She knew she didn’t act like she did,but she wanted one. And,she hated authority. And she knew she couldn’t find a family who didn’t have authority. A guy approached her fruit stand. He was rather cute,and he looked her age. She smiled,and said hi.

”Hello. I’m Jessica Johns.” She said smiling. She had an American accent,because her family lived there,before they moved too Italy. And when they moved there,she felt like they were putting much more pressure on her.. So,she ran away.

Then,another family found her,and they took her in. They also put pressure on her,and she hated it even more. So,she ran away again,and she wasn’t going to risk there being a family like that one again,so she stayed hidden,making sure no one was too find her.

She found a stray cat,and took it in. Like,she hoped someone would take her in. She was a “stray girl” much like this cat,and she felt like she could relate with it. So,she talked with it,and was very friendly with it.

But,now it was back too the subject. She had too wait for the reply from this guy. His eye color was odd,but she wouldn’t question it. She smiled at him,and he smiled back,replying.

”Oh hello,Jessica. I’m Nick.” ’Nick. And,the way he talks. He has too be American She thought too herself,smiling at the guy. However,she wasn’t at this fruit stand too socialize. She had too make a living.

”Would you like too buy some fruit?” She asked,smiling. Nick nodded his head,and Jessica pushed the cart infront of her. ”What would you like?” She asked,smiling The guy smiled back ”Two watermelon please.” Jessica got the watermelon,and gave it too him. ”That’s going to be 2.99” She said,smiling. The guy gave her a five,and Jessica took out the change,but before she could give it too him,the guy had said something too her. ”No. You keep it.” He said,smiling. Jessica smiled. ”Thanks bu- BLING!” Her cat,had jumped up and knocked the watermelon out of Nick’s hand.

”I’m so sorry,sir. Here.” She gave him another watermelon,which was the last one. ”No. Its fine.” He smiled,walking off.

’Hes so kind.’ Jessica thought too herself. The cute boy named Nick,was invading her thoughts. She was continuing too think about him

History:When Ashlee was born 2 years after Nina,she got separated from her two sisters. She was the first too go. As her perants would say,and she was sent to an orphanage. She hated it there. No one understood her,or talked too her. No one even sat by her at lunch.or heck slept by her. She got separated into different rooms,where there was only one bed,one tv,and basicly one of everything the other kids got more of. It got too a point where she decided she would rather die than go through what she did. She climbed on the window,and looked out,far. Until,,someone walked in wanting to adopt her. She literally turned when someone said “This one Emmett” and smiled a bit. She had “admitted” she wanted too look out her window,and got out from the window.

As soon as she got too the Cullen home she was reunited with her sister who was seven. She ran over too her,and Nina immediatlly recognized her. Nina smiled, she was extremely glad they got reunited. She had finally saw her sister again. She hadn’t seen her in sooo long,and Ashlee hadn’t seen her. They would now share rooms,and be close like normal sisters were. That was when she was five.

When she was 10,she was sent to middle school,where she was quickly sent too 7th grade. That was a lot too put on a 10 year old,but she didn’t care. She still didn’t fit in because of her incredible smarts,but she would manage. That was for two years anyways.

Her home life was okay,but at school she failed incredibly to be at the top of the food chain. She was slamed into lockers,and pushed down in the hallway. Heck,the only peace she got was in classes/ And that was even small. Everyone stared at her during classes. She was 12 and this was what a sixth grader went through? Wow was what she thought every day,and she wasnt getting out of it. Till maybe 4 years later when she was in collage at 16
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Jasper Hale

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PostSubject: Re: Ashlee Marie Turner/Cullen   Sun Sep 05, 2010 10:01 am

Accepted... have fun!
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Ashlee Marie Turner/Cullen
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