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 Site Plot

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Jasper Hale

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PostSubject: Site Plot   Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:36 am

Things in Forks have gotten wierd since Bella changed into a vampire. Not only was Nessie born,but Bella and Edward adopted a human daughter who was forced to tell secrets she knew about people ,when she saw them. And Rosalie and Emmett adopted a human daughter ,and vampire son. And also Alice and Jasper adopt a human daughter, so basically. There is lots of new additions to the Cullen family. After all that happens. Fan girls show up at the Cullen's door, demanding too see Edward and the others ,it got to a point where the Volturi had to step in. When they did, the brought the member of the Volturi, Emilee who could make people forget things about they're memory. And she makes them forget about the Cullens, and vampires and everything. Except, there are some humans with a shield who remember Twilight, and are in hiding. So after that, theres a race between the Volturi, and humans to find the humans.
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Site Plot
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