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 Added Character Canon List

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Jasper Hale

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PostSubject: Added Character Canon List   Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:41 pm

Name- Taken

Cullen Coven:

Nina Hale/Turner

Jasper and Alice's adopted daughter
Age 14
Ability to call people around the world with her voice
FC:Selena Gomez

Ashlee Marie

Rosalie And Emmett's Adopted Daughter
Nina's sister
No ability
Age 12
FC:Your Choice

Geniene Cullen

New member to Cullen Coven
Changed by Isabella
Age 13
Ability is the ability to bring movies/tv shows/books etc. etc to life
FC:Your choice

Jax Cullen

Age 16/26
Carlisle and Esme's adopted son
Newish member to the Cullen Coven
Changed by Carlisle
No Ability
FC:Cory Montieth

Delilah Cullen

Age 14/105
Carlisle and Esme's adopted daughter
No ability
Changed by unknown vampire
FC:Demi Lovato

Calanor Hale

Rosalie and Emmett's adopted son
Has two abilities(Alice and Edward's)
Age 17
Really hard history
FC:James Maslow

Daylah Cullen

Bella and Edward's Adopted Daughter
Has the ability to tell everyone secrets she knows about them.
Is very Annoying
FC: Ariel Winter

Volturi Coven:

Emilee Volturi

Age 16/204
Changed by Aro(PM FOR DETAILS)
Ability is the ability to drain minds
FC:Brigit Mendler

Kaleb Volturi

Jane and Alec's long lost brother
Age 9
Is a human living with the Volturi
Will get changed when hes 12
No ability
FC:Bradley Steven Perry

Rian Volturi

Age 16
Knew about Twilight
Got changed by a Nomadic Vampire
Joined the Volturi
Ability is aquakenis
FC: Emma Roberts

Tina Call

Embry's sister
Age 12
Youngest shifter
Jake's pack
Close with Embry
FC:Chloe Moretz

Nicholas Fall

Age 17
Jacob's pack
Is very dramatic
Imprinted on Deliah
FC:Sterling Knight

Diana Ninxon

Age 15
Is the one who talks alot
Sam's pack
FC:Has too look alot like Nolan's

Nolan Ninxon

is very quiet
Diana's twin brother
Very close with her
FC:Must look alot like Diana


Ciara Williams

One Of The Humans with the shield
Age 18
Is safe with the Cullens
FC:Your Choice

Rileyanne Carpenter

Age 16
Teen who loves Twilight
Has shield
Captured by Volturi
FC:Lea Michele

Gennifer Jameson

Age 10
Youngest out of the group of humans
Has the shield
Captured by the Volturi
FC:Ciara Bravo

Dotty Rathbone

Likes Twilight because her brother's Jackson Rathbone

[s]Melanie Serri Turner[/s]

Dotty's Bestie
Age 14
Nina's Twin sister
Likes Twilight
FC:Selena Gomez
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Added Character Canon List
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